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Welcome to The Super Channel Development Fund!

We are committed to helping launch Canada’s next generation of filmmaking talent and to enabling established filmmakers reach audiences in Canada and around the world. Through the Super Channel Development Fund, we offer crucial financing to Canadian feature films, feature length documentaries, and series.

Upcoming submission deadlines for development financing:

NO DEADLINE: Super Channel is now accepting submissions for late stage development funding.

Super Channel encourages the advancement of content by and about women, Aboriginal peoples, visible minorities, and persons with disabilities.


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Feature Film Documentary Film

For series development, please contact Melissa Kajpust

The Super Channel Development Fund

The Super Channel Development Fund supports the development of feature films, feature-length documentaries and series. We take a craft-based and market-driven approach to the analysis of the projects submitted.

Our development financing takes the form of an interest free loan which is repayable on the first day of principal photography. When we support a project, we secure first look rights for the first broadcast window in English Canada, if those rights are available.

Before applying, please read our Guidelines, Terms & Conditions, and review the Document Checklist and Application Form to ensure you have the materials we need to receive in order for your project to be considered for funding. Please note that we have separate application forms Feature Films, Documentaries and Series submissions.

Decisions will be communicated ten to twelve weeks after each submission deadline.

Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Feature Films:

While there are no particular genres or budget levels we favour, our preference is to support theatrical quality feature films. We will also consider films which are made for television (MOWs).

In our evaluation, we prioritize the quality of the script and the creative team, along with the appeal of the project to our subscribers. We always welcome projects which have financing from other sources attached.

Our preference is to support projects in the late stage of development. Late stage development (e.g. packaging) is a crucial time to build the future success of a project, but financing for this phase can be hard to access. Also, projects have widely varying needs at this point in their development. As a result, we do not provide guidelines regarding how much financing may be requested. Rather, we expect the producer to present a reasonable development budget that reflects their unique circumstance, and to make a financing request that is appropriate relative to the budget.

Please do not submit outlines, treatments or first drafts for consideration. Competition for financing from the fund is significant, and projects which are closest to the packaging stage will be considered most competitive.

Names of all participants and companies must be removed from the creative materials submitted: script, synopsis, revision notes, director’s vision and links to trailer/teaser, if included.

Feature-length Documentaries:

We are interested in projects with strong concepts and characters that could potentially compete in the theatrical or festival marketplace. Super Channel is home to documentaries that entertain and surprise our audiences, introducing them to new worlds, characters or ideas. Our documentaries are concept driven, entertaining, fresh and accessible.

We prefer projects where access to subjects has already been established.


We consider very few series proposals, and prefer projects with interest or potential interest from other broadcast partners. We look for distinctive, original content suitable for a Pay TV audience with strong characters, bold concepts and fascinating worlds.

Our preference is to consider projects where a pilot script has already been written. Half hour and hour-long formats are acceptable. We will also consider mini-series and limited run series.

Series submissions are not tied to our deadlines, but we recommend applicants discuss projects with Melissa Kajpust, Head of Creative Development, before making a submission.


We do not consider programming from the following genres: news, religion, formal education and pre-school, informal education/recreation and leisure or infomercials, promotional and corporate videos.

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Submission Guidelines

Applicant Eligibility:

Super Channel accepts applications from Canadian producers and production companies. The producer must be a Canadian citizen and the production company must be a Canadian owned and controlled corporation, as defined in the Investment Canada Act, with its head office based in Canada. Production companies must operate principally as a film, documentary or television production entity.

The Producer must have produced a feature length film or documentary (75 minutes +) that was released theatrically, broadcast or played at festivals within the last seven years. It is not sufficient for an Executive Producer, Co- or Associate Producer to fulfill this requirement. The Producer applying must meet this credit benchmark.

The applicant must have secured the rights to present the project for the phase of development relevant to the application, and will be asked to submit a chain of title reflecting their ownership of these rights.

Project Eligibility:

Submissions will not be reviewed until all materials on the Document Checklist and Application Form have been received.

Names of all participants and companies must be removed from the creative materials submitted: script (for features), treatment (for documentaries), revision notes, director’s vision and links to trailer/teaser, if included.

Films and documentaries must have a projected running time of 75 minutes or more.

Submission materials must be entirely in the English language. We strongly favour projects which, when produced, will be predominantly in the English language.

Official treaty co-productions are eligible for development funding.

The applicant may submit more than one project simultaneously providing they receive approval from their development representative.

The project must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, standards and policies including any requirements in respect of broadcasting and intellectual property, and will not contravene any civil and criminal laws. Acceptable expenditures include those customarily allowed by Telefilm Canada or the CMF.


Projects which were previously supported for development may only apply for additional development support once the previous development phase is complete and deliverables have been received and approved by Super Channel.

If a project was rejected for development funding by Super Channel, it may be resubmitted only if there are material changes to the script and package and if permission is obtained, in writing, from a Super Channel Development Executive.

About the Fund | Submission Guidelines | FAQs | Terms & Conditions | Contact Us

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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions Governing Submission of Proposals and Materials to Super Channel

Ideas, program formats and literary and other materials (collectively the "Materials") that are submitted to Super Channel (Allarco Entertainment 2008 Inc.) may be identical or similar to those which have already been submitted or may be submitted by other producers. In order to prevent any misunderstandings as to the circumstances under which the proposal that you are submitting to Super Channel will be evaluated, the following terms shall govern both parties.

On the Part of the Applicant:

1. I hereby represent and warrant that: (a) the Materials I have submitted for review are owned by me and/or; (b) I have the full right to submit the Materials to Super Channel under the terms and conditions stated herein.

2. I agree that Super Channel is not obligated to return the Materials, nor does Super Channel have any obligation for loss or damage to any physical Materials submitted.

3. I understand and agree that I shall not be entitled to any compensation for Super Channel's use of any Materials similar to those that I am now submitting if Super Channel has received a prior similar submission or a subsequent similar submission not based on the actual Materials which I have submitted. I further acknowledge and agree that Super Channel will have the unrestricted right to use such identical or similar materials and I will have no right or recourse against Super Channel in respect of such usage.

4. I confirm that Super Channel has not made any prior representations or commitments to me regarding the Materials and shall not be under any obligation if the Material which I have submitted is not selected for development or pre-licensing by Super Channel.

On the Part of Super Channel:

1. Super Channel hereby acknowledges that the Materials submitted to Super Channel for review will be held in the strictest confidence, and that Super Channel will not reveal the Materials to any other party nor make use of the Materials without the Applicant’s prior written consent.

2. Super Channel will not make any commercial use of any Materials submitted except under the term of an agreement to be negotiated between the Applicant and Super Channel.

Mutual Provisions:

This Agreement shall constitute the entire understanding between Super Channel and Applicant. No other Agreement, written or oral, expressed or implied, exists between the parties with respect to the Materials. Any change to this Agreement must be signed by both parties. Any reference to Super Channel shall be deemed also to refer to Super Channel's directors, officers, agents, employees, licensees, successors and assigns. Super Channel's subsidiary, parent and affiliated corporations, companies under common ownership or control with Super Channel and their directors, officers, agents, employees, licensees, successors and assigns.

About the Fund | Submission Guidelines | FAQs | Terms & Conditions | Contact Us

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What type of programming is Super Channel looking for?

The best way to find out is to watch Super Channel. Because we’re a premium service, we want premium product. For feature films and feature length documentaries, the subject matter should have a "big screen" feel. For series, we are looking for distinctive, original shows.

What stages will Super Channel fund in development?

We focus on late stage development.

May I send a demo with my submission?

Yes, you may send links to demos that are available online.

May I pitch in person?

Yes. Please see contact information below.

When can I expect to hear from you?

Decisions will be announced within 2-3 months of the submissions date.

How do I contact Creative Development and Pre-Licensing directly?

Melissa Kajpust | Director or Programming, International Distributors & Canadian Pre-Sales

Carole Henson | National Liaison for Creative Development | Programming Coordinator




About the Fund | Submission Guidelines | FAQs | Terms & Conditions | Contact Us